Is writing SEO-optimized content a thorn in your side ?

If you are like most agencies, you outsource your content writing.
Recurring problems

However, 3 recurring problems make it totally ineffective:

Finding qualified writers, is complicated

  • It's difficult to make the right choice among the multitude of SEO web copywriting providers.
  • You often find it difficult to find profiles who are experts in your customers' fields.
  • Optimisation is random, depending on the level of knowledge of the chosen service provider and the tools they use.
  • Pricing varies from one to three times for even one level of writing. This makes it difficult to formulate a clear offer and to propose it to your clients.

The production of content, it takes time

  • Placing orders takes up valuable time between creating briefs and lists of texts.
  • Tracking your orders is laborious with multiple contacts and no real time visibility.
  • Managing large projects is complicated and requires a lot of time and energy just to plan and organise the work, not to mention the back and forth with contractors and clients and the delays that can quickly add up.
  • You often have to manage the HTML formatting and the integration of the texts in your CMS yourself.

Checking the quality of a content, is difficult

  • How can you be sure that your SEO objectives will be achieved ?
  • Will your SEO recommendations be respected ?
  • Can you assure your customers that your content has real added value ? Does it fully meet the user's intention ?
  • Texts should be checked 1 by 1 to ensure that they are well written, well optimised and do not contain duplicate content.
The balance sheet without Skribix

Producing content is a real headache, you waste time and energy. Worse still, it's not profitable?

Skribix helps you in 3 steps

How Skribix helps you make life easier

With our specialist editors

Skribix guarantees you documented, sourced and optimised content for your queries, written by experienced professionals.
  • The 150 writers who make up the collective are French, Belgian, Swiss and Luxembourgish. Our nuggets are selected on the basis of their editorial skills and their understanding of the challenges of natural referencing.
  • We have highly specialised profiles in chemistry, finance, management, real estate, construction, IT, tourism, health, dietetics, wellness, professional training, education, sustainable development, philosophy and sociology.
  • The team is continuously trained in SEO web writing techniques. Each member is individually monitored and supported in their progress.
  • The fee is fixed according to clearly defined writing levels. You can integrate content writing into your offer in complete security.

With our SIMPLE to use tools

Our SAAS-based application simplifies the creation, planning and management of your content writing projects.
  • You save time with a single tool to create the writing brief and list the texts to be written.
  • You can use a dashboard to monitor the progress of your orders and communicate with the team.
  • On large orders and semantic cocoons, we assign you a content manager.
  • The texts are delivered ready for integration in HTML format or sent directly to your Wordpress CMS.

With our content designed to rank

Our goal is to write quality content that is positioned in the search results.
  • In order to respond effectively to the search intent, we integrate writing tools into our application. Our proprietary algorithms control, for example, sentence length, Hn optimisation and readability.
  • Your SEO briefs are perfectly respected. Our copywriters are familiar with all aspects of SEO and have the same objective as you: to produce content that ranks well in the SERP.
  • For semantic optimisation, we have chosen the 2 most efficient tools on the market : YourTextGuru, Cocon.Se. Good scores on these tools guarantee maximum content relevance.
The balance sheet with Skribix

You save time and efficiency. You get results for your customers while controlling your costs.

They love Skribix !

Our customers' opinions

Agencies, VSEs, SMEs, e-merchants, they are unanimous, Skribix is THE solution they were looking for.

What more could you want?

Morgane Surlenet

CEO and Founder of Skribix

Skribix is much more than a writing platform !

  • Skribix was born out of a desire to meet the needs of SEO copywriters and agencies in a single tool. We go beyond simply putting web writing professionals and SEO agencies in touch with each other.
  • Skribix is a writing and editorial management tool. The application is designed to be useful for web editors as well as for SEO professionals or content managers.
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